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Raptors still in need of a closer posted on 11/23/2008

As I angrily screamed at the T.V. (Raptors vs Nets) Friday night I realized something.  Since Vince Carter left the Raptors they have yet to find a closer.  I love Bosh and what he brings, but he is not a closer.  The Raptors need 'that guy' who can bring the ball up and create his own shot or create a teamates shot in the final minutes.  Too many times have I wacthed the Raptors let Calderon throw it to Bosh in the high post and the rest just watch.  The Celtics have Pierce, the Lakers Kobe, Cavs Lebron, the Pistons now have Iverson.  Even Vince still showed he is a closer Friday night.  The best teams have that guy who you know is going to get the ball in the closing minutes and make something happen.  The Raptors look good this year.  They will never be great until they find that closer. 

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