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Jason Kapono Makes A Statement in Raptors 104-93 Win Over Pacers posted on 12/15/2007

The win last night was phenomenal. Down by 11 at the half and then by 17 at one point in the third, things were looking pretty bleak for the Raptors. After their big win at home over Dallas on Thursday, I was starting to wonder if all their energy had been spent on the Mavs.

To me, the win over Dallas was surprising – especially the way Dirk rained threes on us the last time. But the ability to beat the Mavs not only shows that the Raptors are capable of dominating some of the top teams in the NBA, but last night’s win shows they are capable of doing it night after night.

Down by 17 at the third, the Raptors came back to win 104-93 with much thanks to Jason Kapono. The big shooter racked up 29 points and essentially saved the Raptors during the fourth quarter with his seemingly unconscious threes. He was a monster in the fourth; 4/4 from behind the arc. There was one three-pointer towards the end of the game, the assist from Calderon, where Kapono didn’t even seem to catch the ball, but rather volley it into the net. The way he was nailing shots from behind the arc while being contested by Pacers was almost Nowitzki-like and Kapono was definitely showing gleams of superstardom in last night’s game. Everyone has “one of those nights” once in a while, but we can only hope he remains as consistent throughout the rest of the season.

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