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Vicissitudes posted on 01/06/2009

So. In what could be a season-defining game against a weakened Bucks, TO deferred to the shooting wisdom of King Solomon and were gunned down 13-0 in the final two minutes of the game. Was Triano thinking: no way Ukic can keep replicating those top draw fourth quarter performances? No way Bargs is going to go 6 of 7 from the arc? No way Bosh is going to keep having the hot hand for his 15th shot? QED, let's take a pot at the king.

But what's new?

Just when we might have turned the corner, chalking up a couple of quality wins against top opposition, the sky fell again. And new scenarios continue to be posited by TO fans.

At first, it was Moon remaining on the moon after last season's performance and refusing to descend to earth. Thus, the "consensus" was to junk him.

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Chin up, Raptors fans posted on 11/25/2008

It was a tough weekend for Raps fans, to be sure. In fact, it was tough to decide which was the worst deal of the three - 1. Jermaine O'Neal getting hauled down by Sean Williams and spraining his precious, newly rehabilitated knee (and not getting a free throw out of it, even though a single make would have prevented no. 2.: Wince single-handedly tying and winning a closely fought game amidst a hailstorm of boos. Not only did he do exactly that, but he did so in such a fashion that made us pause and dream in awe of exactly how good the Raps would be right now if we were to re-swap Joey Graham back for him at our pathetic 3-spot. The same way you look at your ex in her new dress and you know things would never have worked out but still, the possibility kills you. And we've almost just about healed those wounds. Anyway, as if those 2 weren't enough, the Celtics game brought us no.3.: Bosh looking so frustrated that had Raps fans panicking about 2010 in a whole new way. And it wasn't really anything anyone could have done anything about, the Raps were just entirely outclassed in that game. I'm a Raptors fan through and through but I will readily admit that teams above .500 are a challenge for us to handle right now, not until Bargnani is at least at a 15ppg clip, Calderon and O'Neal are back to all-star form and Parker/Kapono put in their 5 3ptfgs a game. I'm not asking too much, am I?

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My love-hate relationship with the Raptors posted on 11/20/2008
So here I am writing my first Toronto Raptors post. I thought I would thus begin by writing about what it is to be a sports fan. In times like ours where our modern cushy lifestyles does not afford us the luxury of hurling our bodies into bloodthirsty battles for life and death, how do men satiate that unquenchable urge to prove their manhood through war and conquest? I believe this was why sports was created. Sports has provided us a welcome outlet to fuel this genetic bloodlust. We have traded in our swords for jerseys, but we still stand strong under flags and banners that unite us. Men obviously suffer more from this primal desire to fight for a cause. A higher calling, so to speak, so above and beyond us that we don't question what we do in the name for it, ever.

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